and they have informed me of the situation there

RIO DE JANEIRO – Botafogo will wait until the end of the coronavirus pandemic before deciding whether to resume talks with former Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel.according to the FAA.Neville and Giggs co-own Hotel Football and The Stock Exchange in Manchester.the Yorkshire team known as the Tykes.Despite boasting the league’s top scorer.ACCRA – The Ghana FA has appointed Alexander Kotey

“I can’t get a haircut until mid-July but I can go and get in a (penalty) box with 19 people and jump for a header? I don’t know how that works.the CFA proposed the salary cut should not apply to players and coaches with a monthly income below 10.Yao Wei.MADRID – Former Liverpool and Ireland strikerbut injuries are holding him back’.Luo on Sunday posted on social media a letter written to him by a Chinese fan in English asking him to learn Chinese.Scaloni led the Albiceleste to a creditable third place at the 2019 Copa America in Brazil.On Tuesday.Ansu Fati and Leo Messi scored respectively to give Barcelona all three points.despite using all five substitutes and Sevilla strengthened their place in third in the table

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David Luiz takes blame for Arsenal’s Man City loss

Speaking after the final whistle, Arteta declared that his opinion of Luiz had not changed despite the 33-year-old’s horrific performance against City.

But the Spanish coach has since admitted he cannot guarantee the £125,000-a-week South American will be handed a new deal because of the financial difficulties the club face after the coronavirus crisis.

Arteta said: “I don’t know [if he has played his last game here].”He is very open, he is a leader and I was sure he was going to speak in front of everybody. You heard what he said, he was very direct with us too.

“That is what I value from him and that is what I like from him. We need to be fair on him. Me personally, I am going to defend him with everything I have because I believe in him.

“He has shown me a lot of things in his time here and his career speaks for itself.”We need to be fair on him. I’m going to defend him with everything I have because I believe in him.”He has shown me a lot of things in my time here. His character speaks for itself.

“We cannot forget the financial situation. The way COVID-19 has hit every club and the economy in general, it is going to have an impact.”What the club is doing at the moment is assessing the situation and trying to clarify a lot of uncertainties that we have in the future.

“I will have to make big decisions but timewise it is difficult to fit them in our needs. We are trying our best and it is difficult sometimes because the player or our sporting necessities in a difficult situation, but again we have to adapt. It is what it is.”That’s why I wanted to protect David on Wednesday and didn’t start him. It’s a funny game and after 20 minutes you need him.

“He is a player with a lot of uncertainty in the last few weeks.”

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Man City 7-3 Arsenal, Liverpool collapse and more silliness

There is something ironic about this opening paragraph appearing in The Sun:

‘Graham Potter has urged people to educate themselves more on the subject of racism.’

And the nation’s best-selling newspaper continues to display wilful ignorance about the role it has played in embedding a lack of cultural education and understanding deep into society.

And how about this for a start to the third paragraph?

‘Racism has come back under the spotlight…’

How good of you to make legitimate concerns over systemic and extensive discrimination sound like the latest fad that will soon go out of fashion.

How does this all work? Well, “Simulated Reality football matches reflect team form and normal match conditions,” which is a neat trick when Premier League games behind closed doors after a solid three-month break is unprecedented.

But credit to them: they have listed every single predicted result. Like Tottenham drawing 3-3 with Everton, or Aston Villa hammering Wolves 3-0.

The supercomputer also comes up with such entirely believable conclusions as:

1) Villa randomly thrashing Wolves in between eight defeats and a draw with West Ham on the final day.

2) Liverpool earning 14 more points from their final nine games; Norwich get 12.

3) Liverpool losing as many games (three) in their final nine fixtures as they have in their previous 75. They both ‘falter just a little’ and ‘well and truly limp over the line’.

4) It being a ‘disaster’ for Arsenal that they finish level on points with Tottenham, for whom finishing eighth would presumably be a boost.

5) The suggestion that West Ham ‘stay in good form’ by ‘following up their win against Tottenham with a 1-0 defeat of Chelsea’.

6) Manchester City beating Arsenal 7-3. Mind you…

The sight of football at the end of this interminable tunnel means the triumphant return of the supercomputers. Poor Liverpool.

Are you genuinely suggesting someone with all the necessary coaching qualifications and a storied playing career was ignored by Football League clubs until seven years after his retirement because he is a ‘loner’? That is the only reason you can think of as to why he has managed a League Two and League One club while Gerrard and Lampard strolled into much bigger jobs at a younger age?

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Personal fitness plan giving him an edge

Prior to his switch to Brescia, there was talk of a move to Flamengo in Brazil, while more recently fellow Brazilian side Vasco da Gama have been linked as a potential destination, as well as Galatasaray in Turkey or the MLS.

Gabriel Jesus is a natural. He was a Brazilian title winner and an Olympic gold medallist while still a teenager. By the time he arrived at Manchester City the following year he had already scored five goals in his first six appearances for his country and looked an obvious bargain even at £27m. But there is much more to Jesus’ success than mere natural talent.

Seven goals in his first 10 Premier League appearances won over the crowd. His 94th-minute winner against Southampton on the final afternoon of his first full season at City, took the team to 100 points. But throughout that campaign Jesus was demanding more of himself.

The demands of the Premier League were such that Jesus’ diet came under scrutiny. Pep Guardiola had to instruct him to stop drinking coca cola but that wasn’t the only issue.

“Pizza, bread, I loved all that,” he admits. “I loved burgers. That was all so bad for me and my body. But this was my life before Andre came.”

Perhaps there will be another shot in a big league. But whatever his next move, Balotelli’s brief time back in Brescia feels like a frustratingly familiar story for the forward.

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Those examples reflect Balotelli’s performances

The attitude and application of the Premier League winner clearly frustrates his current coach, Lopez, too. He has revealed Balotelli’s commitment to maintaining his fitness during lockdown didn’t match that of his team-mates.

“I believe that everyone is master of his own destiny but not in words. With gestures,” he said. “Mario trains on his own because his team-mates have made a journey that he hasn’t done. It was optional, OK, but the group took one path and he took another.

A long-term injury to fellow striker Ernesto Torregrossa has limited the alternatives for Lopez and Brescia but, regardless of their situation, president Cellino has decided he has seen enough and his club can do without this star name.

The inevitable question is – where next for Balotelli now? Clubs in England, France and Italy have all seen first hand the maddening mix of magic and disruption he brings with him. Would teams in those divisions be prepared to gamble on him delivering the consistency which he has rarely shown so far in his career?

Brescia are nine points from safety with 12 games remaining and, despite Cellino appointing three different managers in the space of the season, they have struggled with the step up in leagues, paying for not strengthening their squad further last summer.

“During the quarantine, he did not show up on Zoom. Although he says he is fine, he is not at the level of his companions. He has to recover, period.”

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I stayed in the hotel along with a few others, including staff

“Captaining your country is a privilege but a challenge on a different scale to captaining a club,” said Rooney. “ You’re not with your players every day, the off-field commitments are huge — and with England a significant duty is having to help negotiate the players’ commercial payments. “It’s your responsibility to welcome new players and settle them into the squad. I always made sure I hung around the games room and coffee area a lot during the day, so I was there for players — especially new ones — to talk to. “The media duties are more intense. You face the country’s leading journalists — and not all of them think you should be captain. “Some press conferences are tough. In 2015, when France played at Wembley following the Paris attacks, before the pre-match conference I remember sitting in the office with Roy and (FA chief executive) Martin Glenn and disagreeing with the FA’s briefing. “We knew, because of the sensitivities, there would be difficult questions that should be answered carefully and clearly but the FA advised we say the events in Paris were tragic but not for us to talk about. I said, ‘No, we’re all adults, we have to say how we feel.’ We had to speak from the heart. People would have seen through rehearsed answers. “I went into every captain’s press conference wanting to be honest and there are tricks. If you want to give a particular answer, you make sure you get asked the question. At Euro 2016, Raheem Sterling was going through a tough time, facing unfair criticism, so via the FA’s press officers I made sure a journalist asked me a question that allowed me to defend him.”

Rooney has grown used to dealing with the media spotlight ever since he burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old at Everton in 2002. Though he is widely praised for being one of the best players of his generation, his high profile has often led to less savoury headlines.

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They have contacted Arsenal and Crystal Palace in the hope

Marcus Rashford believes he will be ready to face old boss Jose Mourinho on the first day of Project Restart.

The Manchester United forward has been sidelined since he suffered a stress fracture of his back in mid-January.

However he was one of the first players to return to Carrington after it re-opened following the Coronavirus shutdown.

And the signs are that his hard work has paid off – as he has told friends will be fit for the first game.

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, now on loan at AC Milan from AFC Bournemouth, has spoken out on life in Italy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He told The Guardian: “When I first came back, nobody was in the streets and there was absolutely nothing happening.

“It seems like now we are getting back to somewhat normal life again.”

And on the rigours of preparing to return to action in the Covid-19 era, he continued: “Training has been absolutely fine.

“So far the club and everyone involved has done a great job and you don’t feel uncomfortable at all. It has been tough, like pre-season really, but it’s awesome after such a long break to be back doing what we love doing.

“It is an honour to be part of this club. I have come to Milan and seen what this club means.”

That is scheduled to be away to Tottenham – where his old boss Mourinho is currently in charge.

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Coronavirus in Sport LIVE: Premier League Covid testing LATEST

Katie Boulter is using her time in lockdown to comfort vulnerable OAPs.

The big-hearted British star, who has been staying with fellow player Laura Robson, signed up to be an Age UK volunteer.

Dele Alli is still waiting to hear if he will be banned for Project Restart — THREE MONTHS after being charged by the FA.

Spurs star Dele faces a potential three-match suspension for misconduct, having posted a video on Snapchat mocking an Asian man and joking about coronavirus.

Boulter, 23, admits she is desperately missing her Leicester-supporting grandad Brian, 84, who she has not seen since February.

So in an attempt to help others, she has completed her Age UK welfare training.

Boulter said: “The plan is to visit and have a relationship with elderly people. I cannot wait to start.

“I can try and help them during this difficult time. I’ve always had a close relationship with my grandpa.

“What they do is pair you with up to three people. You can go and see them, talk to them over the phone, do their shopping for them.

“Basically just try and help them make their lives a little bit easier. Hopefully they won’t feel so lonely. It’d be great if they’re Leicester fans — I’d have a lot to talk to them about!

“It’s hard for everyone but for those who don’t have people living with them, I’m sure it’s been an extremely tough period. If I can help in any way then it’d make me happy.”

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Emotionally it is a different match, just like it was in the derby against Schalke

“Obviously, you don’t have to be a prophet when you say: If we want to keep competing for the title, we have to win the match. It’s as simple as that.”There are only six more matches to play after that. It’s easy to say, difficult to achieve, since Bayern are an exceptional side.”

The former Red Devils favourite has opened up on who the hardest adversary he faced in his career is, as well as the best teammates he played with

Ryan Giggs has proclaimed Inter stalwart Javier Zanetti as the toughest opponent he has ever faced across his footballing career, with the Manchester United legend citing the defender breaking his nose in the pair’s 1999 Champions League quarter-final encounter as a key reason behind his choice.

Wales boss Giggs and now-Nerazzurri vice-president Zanetti only faced each other four times across their career – a decade apart in a pair of European two-legged knockout encounters – but the latter left a lasting impression on the former Red Devils favourite when they first met during United’s treble-winning campaign, with the pair’s intense tussle living long in the memory.

Speaking to MUTV , Giggs revealed that he considered the Argentina star his stoutest foe across his two decade-plus tenure at the top of the footballing world, stating: “The hardest player I played against was [Javier] Zanetti from Inter.”

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Waratahs wary of becoming ‘vultures’ as Reds trio reach point of no return

Tom Decent is a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald

“South Africa have jumped the gun on us in this space and they won the World Cup with a unified squad selected from all around the world.

“This is their livelihood. It is only reasonable that talented players want to secure stable employment during these times.”

The media release said the decision made by the players was “informed by the enormous uncertainty surrounding the financial state of rugby”.

Rugby Australia and the QRU have been contacted for comment.

“It is disappointing the QRU chose to air the issues publicly,” Picone said. “Given the parlous state of rugby in Australia and Queensland we offered the organisation the opportunity to deal with these matters in private and confidentially. This offer was rejected.

“It would be wise for the Reds and RA to maintain amicable relationships with these players. The future is uncertain, but we should always have as many players in the tent as possible.

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