The latest players linked with a move to Newcastle

Newcastle are also ready to join the race for the PSG striker, who is soon to be out of contract. Atletico Madrid, Boca Juniors, Flamengo and Palmeiras are also said to be keen (Footmercato, April 26); Newcastle have been linked with a move for the PSG forward among a host of big-name players (Newcastle Chronicle, May 10)

Newcastle’s new-found financial power under their new owners could convince Koulibaly to join the club (Daily Star, May 8); Newcastle have opened talks with Napoli over the defender also linked with Manchester United and Manchester City – but he would cost in the region of £70m (Footmercato, April 26)

Newcastle will make a move for the 32-year-old Belgian midfielder, who currently plays for Cagliari on loan from Inter Milan (Calciomercato, April 27)

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England Euro 96 song lyrics, meaning’上海夜总会’s Coming Home’ anthem

‘It’s Coming Home’ has become a slogan and call to arms for England fans.

The line was born over 20 years ago and has somehow managed to endure the ravages of numerous failed campaigns to come forth once more and give hope to a new generation of English football supporters.

The song from which it is derived is called ‘Three Lions’, which was resurrected for World Cup 2018 and continues to be sung with gusto by England fans across the world.

It went straight to number one on the UK Singles Chart and enjoyed two weeks at the summit during the course of the tournament.

The single was the lead track on the official Euro ’96 album ‘The Beautiful Game’, which also featured songs from Jamiroquai, Massive Attack and Blur, as well as a remixed version of New Order’s classic ‘World In Motion’, which was the official England song for the 1990 World Cup.

Three Lions was the product of a collaboration between comedy duo Frank Skinner and David Baddiel and Ian Broudie’s band The Lightning Seeds.

Baddiel and Skinner, who were the presenters of a television show ‘Fantasy Football League’ at the time, wrote the lyrics, with Broudie coming up with the melody and accompanying music.

Following the song’s release, Skinner explained its origins in an interview with the BBC : “Somebody phoned us up and asked us ‘how would you like to do the official England single for the European Championships?’ And obviously we said yes. We got very excited… and bingo!”

The pair each began their careers as stand-up comedians and were separately prominent on a variety of British television shows before working together on joint projects, such as the aforementioned Fantasy Football League. The ITV show ‘Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned’ was another popular collaboration, which ran for five seasons on ITV in the early 2000s.

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Antetokounmpo isn’t ranked in the 2020 ESPN 100

A round-robin stage of four games would be followed by playoffs consisting of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, which will determine the league champion and the important automatic berth for next season’s Euroleague, the continent’s preeminent competition.

The Euroleague has also announced tentative plans for a July 4-26 tournament without spectators to be held at a central location. It will include playing out the remaining 54 regular-season games followed by single-elimination quarterfinals, semifinals and a final. That tournament also awaits the approval of public health authorities and local governments.

The Euroleague set a deadline of May 24 to decide the fate of its season and that of the secondary EuroCup league, which would hold its own tournament July 4-17.

Hill started 25 of 30 games for the Bruins under first-year coach Mick Cronin last season, averaging 9.0 points and a team-leading 6.9 rebounds.

The NBA board of governors on Friday voted to postpone two May events set for Chicago — the draft lottery and draft combine. The league hasn’t yet voted to delay the NBA draft on June 25, but there is an increasing belief that it’s just a matter of time, sources said.

There are no imminent plans to make a decision on the calendar, and this discussion will continue, sources said.

As the uncertainty around the pandemic continues, the NBA is anticipating a number of potential obstacles to immediately returning fans to its arenas in the coming months and year.

Other European domestic competitions, such as the Spanish ACB and the Israeli Super League, have plans for similar tournaments. While some of the top competitions, such as the VTB United League, Italy, Lithuania and Greece have canceled their seasons, the outcomes of the French, Turkish and Adriatic leagues remain undecided.

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With the NBA in limbo in the midst of its 74th season

Kerr knows the questions will continue as the documentary comes to a conclusion over the next couple of weeks. He understands the interest surrounding that final Jordan-led Bulls team, but he admits that some of the old storylines, like the scuffle with Jordan, have not been as fun to remember.

“We’re getting into the second three-peat,” Kerr said of the documentary. “And some of the more personal aspects and stories. And that part is, I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I’m really happy that this stuff is archived. I’m happy my kids get to see footage from when they were just toddlers or not even born yet. And for them to see what my life was like back then is really cool.

“On the other hand, there’s a reason that this kind of project is not done more often. It’s very private. It’s a behind-the-scenes look and most coaches will stick to that policy of the locker room being sacred and that was such a unique season and a unique time that that decision was made to allow for that. It’s different. It’s really different.”

“I think everybody’s fascinated by it but when you’re part of a team sometimes you want some of that stuff to stay private,” Kerr said. “But again, that was kind of the bargain that was struck. We would allow this camera group behind the scenes and we’d have that season documented and it was ‘the last dance,’ and now here we are 22 years later and it’s opening up a time capsule or something.”

“I think this documentary is giving you a pretty good glimpse inside his life and how different his life was as a player and that probably affected his life ever since,” Kerr said. “He’s very, very private … we might run into each other once a year or so at maybe a golf tournament or All-Star Weekend or maybe in Charlotte when we play and he’s always great and it’s fun to see each other and we relive a few old times and then just move on.

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Before the season was suspended, Myers and Warriors team

All of these protocols have been developed in conjunction with public health officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other infectious disease specialists, and discussed at length with owners and players.

For the foreseeable future, these workouts are voluntary. It remains to be seen how many players will take advantage.

Beyond testing concerns, among the reasons teams are reluctant to open practice facilities for voluntary workouts: Many players are unconvinced the litany of steps is worth the trouble for an hour of shooting in an empty gymnasium.

“Players are saying, ‘I can do my stuff at high school gyms, or whatever else I’ve been using right now, without having to go through all these protocols,'” one Western Conference general manager said. “And I can work out as long as I want there — not just an hour.”

Teams have long believed that younger players could use a touchstone back to organizations and facilities, but veterans are less convinced of the need to return now.

“I think a lot of guys feel it’s not safe when you have to jump through so many hoops to get a socially distanced workout in without being able to use the shower or the whirlpools or the sauna,” one Western Conference starter told ESPN.

“Some guys will stay out of market, and some guys will be in market and not go there,” the Western Conference player said. “And some will choose to use it.”

Some executives believe there would be a greater eagerness in these workouts if the league opened facilities with a step-by-step plan to proceed to a training camp. “If this was tied to a return to play, you’d see something of a different attitude,” one Western Conference GM said.

As one playoff team prepares to open its facility in the coming weeks, one of its top basketball executives cautions: “Once we have clearance, I’d be surprised if any of our players flew back into market for this.”

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